Tuesday 30 September 2008

British Food Fortnight - Yorkshire Parkin

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I'm a little ahead of myself as Parkin is traditionally served for Bonfire Night on the 5th November, but I thought I'd blog about Parkin now as it fits perfectly into the British Food Fortnight Challenge and Competition, hosted by Amanda at Food, Glorious Food. Also, I like Parkin at any time during autumn and winter and think it'd be a shame to just limit it to Bonfie Night.

Parkin is a ginger cake that comes from the North of England, and is especially associated with Yorkshire. Often it is moist and sticky, but there are also drier variations. Another great thing about it is that it keeps really well, and some people even prefer eating it after it's sat for a few days.

Yorkshire Parkin
(makes 1 cake)

125 g butter or lard
125 g golden syrup
125 g black treacle
125 g sugar
250 g plain flour
250 g medium oatmeal
1 pinch salt
4 teaspoons ground ginger
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 egg, beaten

Preheat oven to 150°C/Gas 2/300°F and grease an oven proof dish, approx 10x10 or equivalent.

Place the butter, golden syrup, treacle and sugar in a pan and place it over a very low heat, stirring constantly until all the sugar is dissolved.

In a bowl sift together flour, oatmeal, baking soda, salt, ginger and cinnamon.

Make a well in the centre and pour in the melted butter mixture, beat until everything is comkbined.

When combined add the egg and mix until you have a smooth soft batter.

If the batter seems to be stiff add 1tbsp of milk.

Pour into the greased oven dish and bake 50-60 minutes in the top half of your oven.

Allow to cool before removing and cut into squares.

The Parkin will last a a couple of weeks if you store it in an airtight cake tin.


Beth (jamandcream) said...

I love parkin but haven't had it for years. Will make an effort to make this bonfire night!!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

My parents are from Lincolnshire but they haven't todl me about Parkin. I have heard of Bonfire Night though:D They are headed on a holiday to Keswick in the Lake District for a month tomorrow:D

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Parkin. I'll have to give it a try. Looks very tasty.

Maria said...

Never had parkin but I think I would like it. Looks great!

Helene said...

It's been at least 12 years since I had one of these! I am making some for sure over the weekend!

Jules said...

Sylvie, this looks delicious. I'll certainly have to make it for Bonfire night.

Sam said...

I haven't had it in years but parkin is really tasty, I'll have to try your recipe for bonfire night.

Jaime said...

i've never heard of parkin before but it looks scrumptious!

Sylvie said...

Beth, when I first tried it it was shop bought and I didn't like it. Then I made some myself as I wanted to take some to a bonfire party and realised that it is actually pretty good.

Val, I hope your parents enjoy their trip. The Lakes are so beautiful and hopefully they'll still get some wonderful golden autumn days with beautiful sunshine.

Candy, I don't think it's known outside of England and wouldn't be surprised if some people even in the South or in Scotland have never heard of it either.

Maria, if you like spiced cakes, you'll like parkin.

Tartlette, I hope it'll bring back some nice memories.

Jules, bonfire night would just not be the same without it, would it. Oh and not to forget toffee apples!

Sam, go on make some this year, it's worth it!

Jaime, I'd be surprised if many people outside of England knew of Parkin.

Jan said...

Sylvie - do you know I've never tasted Parkin?! I must get sorted and try it. Looks delish. Great picture.

Nic said...

I love this stuff!! Great entry Sylvie, I went with a boring old scone.

Marie Rayner said...

You just got to love Parkin! Yours looks fabulous Sylvie!

Anonymous said...

Sylvia, jetzt warte ich aber gespannt auf den ersten Gastauftritt von Carmi! Wünsche euch viel Spaß!

Rosie said...

Hi Sylvie, some of my family hail from Yorkshire and Parkin is a big thing there. I will be baking some for Bonfire night this year. A great entry sweetie and while I’m here I'll reach in my screen and pick a slice to try ;)

Rosie x

Hopie said...

I just discovered your blog through Sam's blog and I was enchanted by your butternut squash soup. I tested it and posted about it on my blog with a link to your recipe. It was delicious!

test it comm said...

I have never had Yorkshire Parkin but it sounds good.

Apples and Butter said...

I spent some time living in the UK, but have never seen this cake. Thanks for sharing the recipe - I will have to try it!

Sylvie said...

Jan, I think you'd enjoy it.

Nic, you can never go wrong with a scone.

Marie, thanks.

Anke, we've been cooking, you'll hear about it soon! Maybe I can even get C. to write the post!

Rosie, I hope you enjoyed your slice.

Hopie, I'm so happy you enjoyed the recipe, especially as I just 'threw' it together.

Kevin, thanks.

Apples and Butter, if you lived in the South it's probably not that well known there.

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Looks lovely Sylvie! Yum :P

Maggie said...

I've only ever made Parkin once - after seeing Gary Rhodes make it on the TV.
Lovely entry for the challenge.

Katerina said...

Is black treacle like molasses? I don't know what that is...

Sylvie said...

Holler, thanks.

Margaret, I haven't seen Gary Rhodes do any cooking on telly for ages. Whatever happened to him?

Katerina, it's different in flavour to molasses. Black treacle is a typical British product and not readily available elsewhere. You can buy it on amzon.com though for about $5.00 a can, which will last you ages.