Wednesday 14 January 2009

Starting the year with a bang or at least a Yoghurt Bombe

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I'm back in England, back at work, back to grey January skies. Our students are also back and I am already counting the days until the Easter holidays. That's bad, isn't it? I'm sure it'll get better again, but I kind of wish that at least January and February were out of the way at least, they are probably my two least favourite months of the year.

I've got a great dessert recipe to share. My mum made it while I was home, it's easy and quick (if you don't count the resting and chilling time), no cooking involved and it looks pretty too. M. reduced the amount of cream by half and just increased the amount of yoghurt to make it less fattening and it worked just as well and was just as good. I've printed the original recipe with the original amounts here though, so you can try it out and make your own adjustments. This is lovely in winter because it tastes fresh and fruity, but it is also lovely and light for the warmer months.

If you try it really do make sure to tuck the cheesecloth safely into the bowl underneath, otherwise the liquid that drains from the yoghurt mix will make a mess in your fridge. I speak from (my mum's) experience!

Yoghurt Bombe (Joghurtbombe)
serves 4
500gr natural yoghurt
120gr sugar
2tsp vanilla sugar
200ml whipping cream
250gr mixed berries or other fruit
fruit coulis (optional)

In a bowl mix the yoghurt, sugar and vanilla sugar.

Whisk the cream until stiff and mix in with the yoghurt.

Line a fine meshed sieve with a clean cheese cloth or dish towel and place over a larger bowl, making sure that the ends of the cloths are safely tucked into the bowl (otherwise you'll find a huge mess in your fridge the next day).

Pour the yoghurt/cream mix into the sieve and chill over night.

Remove from fridge and place a plate upside down over the sieve. Quickly turn everything over and carefully remove the sieve and the cheesecloth.

Garnish with fruit and coulis.


Jan said...

Now that looks good Sylvie - and easy to make too!
I know what you mean - I don't much like Jan or Feb either!
I am in need of sunshine!

Trish Sharp said...

yummy. i love yogurt.
i think the early months of the year wouldn't be so bad for me if i had a nice wood burning fireplace to curl up in front of. right now all we have is this dreadful ventless gas monster that gives me a head ache when you turn it on.
going to be colds here this week. i predict many nights of snuggling with the puppies.

RecipeGirl said...

It's gorgeous! I used to be a teacher and remember the stretch between vacations was so hard! The end of the school year couldn't come quickly enough sometimes.

Finla said...

Wow it looks beautiful and delicious too.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so yummy and light! I'm w/ you on Jan and Feb, btw, I'm ready for Spring break NOW!

Sam said...

It looks very impressive and sounds delicious too!

Marie Rayner said...

That looks really delicious Sylvie! Glad to see you back posting!

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

I was sure there was going to be gelatine in this, but I am very pleased there isn't. Nice presentation Sylvie! I too hate this time of year, it is so dark and dismal, roll on March and some brighter days :)

Tiffany said...

This looks lovely, and I really like yogurt too. I am in the US, so I'll have to convert your measurements, but I hope to try this out some time!

Gloria Baker said...

Sylvie, I miss you, Im happy you are come back. This is lovely and nice Sylvie!!! xxxGloria

Anonymous said...

What a lovely dessert! The weather here in California has been weirdly warmer (it's about 80 degrees right now) and this sounds perfect.

test it comm said...

That looks good! Nice presentation.

Katiecakes said...

Oh god, I just want to put my face right in that! YUM!!

Katie xo

Maria said...

What a great way to start the new year. This looks fabulous!

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

What a lovely, simple and healthy dessert idea! I'm going to try this...

Sylvie said...

Jan, let's look forward to March together!

Trish, I agree a fireplace or wood burning stove would make it a lot nicer.

Recipegirl, it just always seems like the next break is way off. At least at schools here in the UK they have a week of at mid-term but at Uni we teach right through, but the I guess we do have a longer summer break.

Happy Cook, thank you.

Susan, you and me both!

Sam, it's so simple though.

Marie, I'm happy to be back as well.

Holler, no gelantine in this one. It's enough to just let all the moisture drain off overnight for it to set.

Tiffany, if you have problems with the conversions let me know.

Gloria, thanks. I'm glad to be back as well.

Cynthia, you're right it's light enough to have in warm weather.

Kevin, thank you.

Katiecakes, I'd rather give you a spoon, then you can dig right in. ;0)

Maria, thank you.

aforkfullofspaghetti, There is quite a lot of fat in it from the cream, but as I said it works as well if you reduce the cream by half and increase the amount of yoghurt to make it healthier.

Jaime said...

so impressive, i've never made one before

Anonymous said...

Hello Sylvie,

I have been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first comment - I tried this at the weekend - it's delicious - I was worried that it would taste too 'yoghurty', but it doesn't - creamy and delicious! Thanks for the great ideas! Lucy

Anonymous said...

I have a question... do you use single cream or do you mean double cream? because in the recipe you say wisk until stiff, but single cream doesn't get thick, only double cream does.
can you clearify that for me!?


Anonymous said...

I have a question... do you use single cream or do you mean double cream? because in the recipe you say wisk until stiff, but single cream doesn't get thick, only double cream does.
can you clearify that for me!?


Sylvie said...

Marcelle, I've just realised, the recipe should say whipping cream, not single cream. I've updated it. Thanks for pointing it out!