Friday 27 March 2009

Something new

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A few months ago Kellogg's contacted me to see if I was interested in trying out a new muesli that they are launching in April. Always up for trying new things of course I said yes. Then I forgot about it for a while and was completely stumped when I came home from work a good few week's later to be greeted by a huge box waiting for me outside the door of my flat.

I couldn't remember ordering anything on the internet and only when I opened the cardboard box to reveal another wooden box with the Kellogg's logo on it did start making sense. Inside the second box I found a wooden cereal bowl a spoon and four boxes of muesli.

The muesli is called Kellogg's Nature's Pleasure and comes in four flavours. Apple & Blackcurrant, Almond Pecan & Cashew, Almond Pecan & Raisin and Rasperry & Cherry.

Not being the most patient of all people, I tried the first flavour (Apple & Blackcurrant) straight away, and I have to say I liked what I tasted and tasting my way through the other boxes didn't disappoint either. The muesli is nice and crunchy because it is baked, full of grains, oates, nuts and/or dried fruit, it has no weird stuff added and because it is sweetened it does actually taste like a treat, unlike some of the other more 'worthy' type mueslis that don't contain sugar and sometimes taste a bit like cardboard.

I have to say that the Apple and Blackcurrant flavour is definitely my favourite, probably because of the hint of cinnamon and it generally just has a really good balance of flavours, but I wouldn't say no to a bowl of any of them to start the day.

I never really took a picture, so I've borrowed one from Kellog's.


Sam said...

I got sent some of this too, my favourite was the cherry and raspberry but they were all good.

Jan said...

They didn't send me any!!!
They look good tho!

Nic said...

I quite liked them too!

Marie Rayner said...

I got sent these too Sylvie. Mine came when I was away in America and had Todd scratching his head wondering what in the heck I had ordered now! I loved the Almond, Pecan and Cashew one, but then again, I am nuts for nuts!!!

Anne said...

I've been eating my way through these too, am down to the last box and will definately buy again, is good to try muesli that doesn't taste like rabbit food! :)

Maggie said...

These look wonderful, what a great freebie surprise for you Sylvie!

♥Rosie♥ said...

Oh Sylvie these look wonderful - great to hear you got to try out a product free :0)

Rosie x