Tuesday 22 November 2011

Looking for a Christmas present?

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I get contacted by companies quite often asking me to review products or new food stuff that's on the market. I often decline, especially when it comes to food, as I'm not all that interested in shop-bought garlic butter or gourmet ready meals. When I was asked though if I wanted to review the nest of bowls and meassuring spoons by Joseph Joseph, I agreed without hesitation.


I had seen these in the kitchen department of a design shop before and liked their brightness. Also, if like me you have a tiny kitchen, but can't help buying cockery and other kitchen stuff all the time, anything that stacks easily and stores away nicely is always worth investing in. The bowls would also be ideal for a camper van or galley kitchen on a boat, as not only do you get two mixing bowls and meassuring spoons, but there is also a colander and a fine mesh sieve. Plus, as everything is made from plastic it would easily survive being taken on tour.


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The photographs have been borrowed from the findmeagift.com website.


Jan said...

I LOVE that set and it's on my Christmas list!

Nic said...

I adore the colours, great gift idea!

Marie Rayner said...

I love the Joseph Joseph Nesting bowl set! I use mine all the time. It is really easily storeable which is a big plus in my tiny kitchen! xxoo