Tuesday 14 February 2012

Valentine Schmalentine

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Happy Valentine's to all you lovers out there.


Marie Rayner said...

Love it Sylvie! Gave my mom a plate with that on it years ago! xxoo

Jen - Biscuit said...

i found ya so cute :)
happy valentines also :) enjoy dear :x

Marina said...

Very nice, and true. Love it!

anon said...

this is just a little note to let you know that i really enjoy reading your blog, and have a little award waiting for you.

if you're time-pressed and hate the idea of having to follow these 'rules', or if you're stridently anti-award, please don't feel obligated to respond.

i'm just letting you know that your
blog is among those i like best!

Sylvie said...

fallen from flavour, thanks so much. What a lovely compliment! I do feel honoured, but I've given up on doing the whole blog award thing as it just became too frequent. I hope that doesn't offend you!