Sunday 23 March 2008

Is it really Easter?

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It certainly doesn't feel like it. It's snowing outside and whereas I really do share the sentiment of dreaming of a white Christmas, I would rather have a green and sunny Easter. Also, when I was flicking through the TV channels yesterday afternoon, The Grinch was on. What's going on?

If it wasn't for the Easter Bunny on the breakfast table this morning I'd think I got my dates mixed up this year!


Happy Easter to you all and I hope you got loads of chocolate eggs!

We had Chicken Ceasar Wraps for dinner last night. I usually have them on days where I get home late from work as they are so quick and easy, but yesterday was one of those days where, despite having loads of time, I didn't really feel like cooking much.

This isn't really a proper recipe as there are no measurements, I just do it by eye, but I'll try to write it down anyways. This makes four to six wraps depending on the size of your tortillas.


Chicken Ceasar Wraps

2 chicken breast fillets
1 romaine lettuce, chopped (I used 2 little gem lettuce yesterday as I couldn't find any romaine)
3-4 tbsp ceasar salad dressing
1 handful of freshly grated parmesan
4-6 tortilla or deli wraps
1/2 packet of croutons

Grill your chicken breast fillets and cut into slices.

Mix the lettuce, dressing and parmesan cheese.

Divide the salad between the wraps, top with chicken and some croutons.

Roll up and serve straight away.


Angela said...

Well done Sylvie. I certainly enjoy reading your ramblings. Hope you have recovered from your night out/in with your friends:-) I used the cookie cutters you gave me in the swap to make some lovely biscuits this morning. Keep writing and taking more lovely photos.

Marie Rayner said...

I Love chicken caesar wraps Sylvie! Your look delicious as does the bunny! I got a little bunny too, but somehow he has dissappeared! (whoops!)

Sylvie said...

Angela, thanks. I have finally recovered. I'm glad you enjoyed using the biscuit cutters.

Marie, all that's left of that bunny is the ribbon and the bell, too! It must have run off together with yours. ;)