Saturday 19 April 2008

A Breakfast Treat

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During the week breakfast is usually a very non-eventful meal in our house. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all. In any case it's usually nothing much more exciting than some cereal, a slice of toast with cream cheese and honey or porridge.

At the weekend it's a different story though, we take our time and we usually don't have it until at least mid morning, so it often replaces lunch. Most times we have a continental style breakfast with warm bread rolls, boiled eggs and a selection of sliced meats, cheese, jam and honey (not all on the same bread roll of course), plus fresh juice and plenty of coffee. Every now and then we feel like something different and therefore special though, and we might have a Full English or Pancakes with Maple Syrup and fruit.


When I saw that The Passionate Cook was hosting this month's 'Waiter! There is something in my ....' blog event and that the theme is breakfast, I thought I could join in. As our usual weekend breakfast doesn't involve any recipe (apart from ones for homemade jams, but I'll safe those for a different post) I thought we'd have one of those 'weekend specials' and made Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon on a fresh bagel. It's one of those breakfast dishes that I'll happily eat for a quick dinner.

Bagels with Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon
(serves two)

5 free range eggs
one packet Smoked Salmon, cut into strips
2 bagels
cream cheese
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste

Crack the eggs into a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Whisk with a fork until the yolks and egg whites have completely blended.

Heat a knob of butter in a non stick frying pan.

Pour in the eggs and top with the salmon strips.

After about half a minute start to scramble the eggs with a wooden spoon. Continue to stir and fry for a few minutes, until cooked but still a little moist. (You don't want to cook them until completely dry as they will continue to cook a little once on the plate/bagel.)

Divide the eggs between two bagels, which you have liberally spread with cream cheese (or butter if you prefer) and serve immediately.


Jan said...

My favorite thing in the world has to be smoked salmon!
Those bagels look good Sylive!!

Sylvie said...

Jan, can you believe that the first time I tried smoked salmon I hated it. I was only about 14 though and just didn't know any better. I used to be such a picky eater.

Maria♥ said...

Sylvie just came across your blog from Rosie's blog. You have a lovely blog and I love Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon, one of my favourite breakfasts!

Great pic!


test it comm said...

Weekend breakfasts are so much more fun. Those Bagels with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon sound great!

Marie Rayner said...

Delicious looking weekend breakfast splurge Sylvie!!

Sylvie said...

Maria, Kevin and Marie, thanks for your comments. We're back to our usual continental style brekkie today.

Rosie said...

Hi Sylvie, this has got to be one of the most ultimate tasting breakfasts!! I adore your scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on Bagels!! Bravo :)

I have a little something for you on my Blog :)

Rosie x

Unknown said...

How delicious does this look!!! I had the same for breakfast yesterday minus the salmon. I too love to take my time over weekend breakfast/brunch and yesterday i made bagels and had scrambled egg with them. Sadly i my camera wasn't working so no photos of such...Yours look wonderful!!
I have frozen the bagels for next weekend...will try with Sm Salmon next time...

Anonymous said...

Looks great. We love a big weekend breakfast here too!

Sylvie said...

Rosie, thank you so much. I'm amazed.

Loulou, I like plain scrambled eggs, too, but adding the smoked salmon makes them extra special.

Thanks, Beth.

thepassionatecook said...

oh yeah! smoked salmon and scrambled eggs get my vote any time of the day! the more luxurious, the better - because you're worth it, right?
thanks for participating in this month's WTSIM!

Maggie said...

This was a really good challenge. I think great minds think alike - don't you?