Saturday 5 April 2008


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I like Tex-Mex food. It's quick to make, has a bit of a kick to it and I usually have the ingredients in, even if I haven't planned for it. Of course the supermarkets sell all kind of dinner-kits as well, which aren't bad as prepared food goes I think, but usually I make my own seasoning mixes. They are easy, store well and work out much cheaper, plus of course I know exactly what goes into them.

The other night we had chicken fajitas after we'd been out all day. I still had to make the seasoning mix, but they were on the table within half an hour. I just quickly fried some chicken breast fillet (cut into strips), some sliced onion, sliced bell pepper and I also added some mushrooms as they needed using, sprinkled it liberally with the seasoning, added a little water and let it thicken. We simply had it rolled up in flour tortillas with some sour cream and grated cheese, but you could also add salsa, guacamole or picco de gallo.


Fajita Seasoning Mix

4 tbsp cornflour
4 tsp chili powder
4 tsp hot chili powder
3 tsp salt
4 tsp paprika
1 tsp sugar
3 tsp powdered chicken or vegetable stock
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tsp cumin

Mix all the ingredients and store in an airtight container for up to 6 months.

Use as needed, 2 tbsp equals one of the store bought sachets.



Angela said...

I too love Tex-mex Sylvie. I will have try your fajita blend as it is something the whole family will enjoy.

Peter M said...

It's alot of work setting up all the toppings but it's fun to serve fajitas when you have guests.

test it comm said...

Fajitas are one of my favorite meals. That fajita spice mix sounds good.

Marie Rayner said...

I love anything Tex Mex and I love fajitas most of all. We used to get some really good ones at a lovely Mexican place in Fredericton New Brunswick called Mexicali Rosa's. The beef or chicken strips and veggies came to your table still sizzling on a small cast iron skillet, just big enough for you! Ohh, they were yummy! With some guacamole, salsa and a couple of Corona's they went down a real treat!

Abitofafoodie said...

I simply love fajitas! I've always cheated though and bought a ready-mixed seasoning. I shall make yours and keep it in a jar, as you suggest, to always have it on hand. Great idea - thank you!

Sylvie said...

Angela, it's good with beef too.

Peter, I sometimes cheat and buy the toppings.

Kevin, I've tried different ones and this is the one I always use now.

Marie, ice-cold Coronas with a wedge of lime would certainly have made this perfect.

Antonia, it's so quick to do and I hope you'll like the flavours.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea you have. I have the same problem where I never have the ingredients when I want to whip up some "tex mex" good eats. Thanks!

Rosie said...

One of my favs has to be Tex-Mex too. I will have to bookmark this and try it out asap :)

Rosie x

Jan said...

I love Tex-Mex too!
I like the sound of your spice mix - Mmmmm

Tulip said...

I love the sound of that spice mix, will have to make some real soon!

Jaime said...

i love how quick and easy fajitas are! :)

you should definitely join the DBs! i sat back, ooing and aahing for months before i was brave enough to join, but it's so much fun. i'm definitely glad i joined :)

Sylvie said...

jj, thanks.

Rosie, Jan and Tulip, I'm sure you'll like it.

Jaime, anything quick and tasty usually gets my vote. I'll check the DBs out properly soon.