Friday 16 May 2008

Foil Baked Salmon and Asparagus

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Where has the week gone? We had Foil Baked Salmon and Asparagus for dinner last Sunday and I'm only just getting a chance to post it. Is it really Friday again already?

I haven't got that much to say about the recipe. It does all the talking for itself. It's salmon, it's asparagus, it's baked in foil, therefore not only is it simple, it also does taste great and it's healthy. Full of essential Omega 3 from the salmon and iron from the asparagus and no other fat in sight. (Therefore I didn't have to feel so bad when I poured some melted butter over my fresh Jersey Royal Potatoes.)

Try it I'm sure you'll like it. You can increase the amounts easily to serve more people.


Foil Baked Salmon and Asparagus (serves 2)

2 skinless salmon fillets
250gr asparagus, woody ends trimmed off
1/2 lemon
salt, to taste
freshly ground black pepper to taste

Preheat your oven to 220C/Gas 8.

Place the salmon fillet into the middle of a large sheet of tin foil.

Season with salt and pepper and any other seasoning you might like to add.

Place half of the asparagus spears on top, squeeze the juice of 1/4 of a lemon over it.

Bring up the sides of the foil and fold the top over twice, then seal the sides. Make sure the parcel is sealed well but still has plenty of air inside for the steam to circulate. It shouldn't wrap the salmon and asparagus tightly, but be more like a tent around it.


Repeat with the other salmon fillet.

Place the foil parcels on a baking tray and place in the middle of the oven for about 15 minutes.

Be careful when you remove them from the oven and open the parcels as they will be full of hot steam. Drain off the juices and serve immediately.




Marie Rayner said...

Perfect dinner Sylvie. Simple, easy and from the looks of it, mighty tasty too!

Raquel said...

Sylvie that looks great! We love salmon and asparagus here. Such an easy way to cook it!

Jan said...

Lovely! I seem to be into foil baked salmon these days, so easy as well.

Nic said...

I don't know where the days/weeks are going either - and they disappear quicker as you get older!
That's going to smell so fabulous when you open up the packets... mmm!

Susan Morris said...

That meal looks so good Sylvie, we love salmon especially DH who is a seafood lover.
I may just have to pick up some salmon this weekend and try out your recipe.

Sylvie said...

Marie, Racuel, Jan, thanks for the comments. You're right it is so easy and really saves on the washing uo, too!

Nic, I have noticed that thing about getting older and days disappearing quicker, too!

Sue, if you try it I'd love to know what you think.

Jan said...

I love salmon cooked in foil, it works great on the BBQ too.

It's the Jersey Royals that really got my attention, but it's yonks since I had any. (sniff)

test it comm said...

Salmon, Lemon Asparagus and potatoes; that looks like a great meal!

Rosie said...

Hi Sylvie, Oh my goodnes this looks SO GOOD!! Fresh colours and Salmon, Lemon Asparagus and potatoes my kinda food - yummy!!

Rosie x

Sylvie said...

Jan, it's a shame the Jersey Royal Harvest isn't big enough to export them around the world. They are the best potatoes I know.

Kevin, it was pretty good if I may say so myself.

Rosie, if you're ever in Yorkshire, let me know I'd happily cook some for you.

Anonymous said...

Your plates are so cute :)! I love the way you present food. The latest cake you posted is also a beauty :D.

Anonymous said...

uh so funny! I made salmon the other night, too! I just sort of fried it in a pan and coated it with Canadian maple sirup - that was really tasty as well (not so healthy, though). Who would have thought that we're bonding on an entirely new level after 28 years??? :-) Cooking!
Oh BTW: last Saturday we Letteranians from outer spoace cooked your Chicken peanut Curry dish and we all just loved it. I got V. all hooked up to your blog. Getting more and more fans out there, Sylvs! Hugs from Germany, C.