Tuesday 5 January 2010

Sloe Gin

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I just pulled up my blinds and couldn't believe my eyes. I know it had snowed already last night and was still at it when I went to bed at midnight, but it must have continued for most of the night. I haven't seen snow like this in years. Probably not since I lived in Oslo.

It's a day for building snowmen and making snow angels and as there's no soup left to warm me up when I get back in, I might just have to have a glass of my homemade sloe gin, or two!

Sloe Gin

450gr sloe berries
1 litre gin
225gr light brown sugar

If there's been no frost by the time you pick your slow berries, pop them in the freezer for a week or so before making the gin. They need to have frozen once at least to release some of the sugar in them.

Place the sugar into a large sterilized jar.

Prick each berry with a clean needle and add them to the jar.

Pour in the gin, seal tightly and give everything a really good shake.

Store in a cool dark place and shake every other day for about a week, then once a week for two months.

After that you can pour the gin through a clean sieve into sterilized bottles and start drinking it!



Hilary said...

Lovely photos! We're bracing for the same weather later today here in London... enjoy your snow day!

Marie Rayner said...

Beautiful pictures Sylvie. we are expecting the same later today. Very pretty to look at, but not so nice to get around in!

Choclette said...

How lovely and what nice photo. It all looks rather nice here too, although it all turns to mush underfoot. Sloe gin - yum, think we might follow your example and have some of my redcurrant vodka.

pigpigscorner said...

Beautiful pictures. Weather forecast says it'll snow tonight, looking forward to it =)

Sylvie said...

Hilary, we did have a lovely day. There's a snow woman outside my window to prove it. Stay warm in the capitol!

Marie, I just put my hiking boots on and went for a lovely walk. It was perfect. It's fine as long as you stick to walking!

Choclette, no mush here yet. Just six inches of perfect crunchy snow. I'm dreading the big melt though.

pigpigscorner, I think we got most of it already up here, but it sounds like it's yet to come for other places. Wrap up warm and stay safe.

incrediblecrunchyflavor said...

i love sloe gin and i would really love to make it, but where does one find a sloe berry...?

Sylvie said...

Incrediblycrunchyflavor, you find them in the hedgerows in autumn. They are the the fruit of the Hawthorne, and you should pick them in late October or beginning of November.

Kerri said...

Beautiful photos, a perfect day for sloe gin!

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Gorgeous and I am pleased to hear someone has been enjoying the snowy weather after all the gripes!

Trish Sharp said...

oh so jealous!!!!!!!
jealous of the snow.
jealous of the drink.
oh so green with envy.

Sam said...

I don't think I've ever seen snow like this, it snowed all day yesterday here! I just love sloe gin it's the perfect drink for winter...

Nic said...

I looked for sloes recently but wasn't sure about the berries I saw, lol!
Happy New Year Sylvie, and enjoy the snow. We got a big dump overnight!

James B said...

I like your tip on popping them into the freezer if there has not been a frost. I need to find myself somewhere I can pick sloes.

Shelby said...

Your photo brought me here...it is gorgeous. Your trees are as snow laden as ours in Northern New York!

Deana Sidney said...

Beautiful photo with the ruby red and the snow... sloe gin sounds delicious!!!