Saturday 2 January 2010

Traditional Scones

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What do you do when you wake up early on New Year's Day, the sun is shining and you're looking forward to spending the day with some wonderful people? Well, you get up and bake some scones of course!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Traditional Scones
(makes 12-18)

450gr self-raising flour
a pinch of baking powder
a generous pinch of salt
50gr caster sugar
110gr unsalted butter, diced
1 egg, lightly beaten
50ml double cream
200ml milk (you might need a little more)
1 egg, beaten with a little milk

Preheat your oven to 180C/ Gas 4.

Sift the flour into a large bowl and stir in the baking powder, salt and sugar.

Add the diced butter and rub it into the flour with your finger tips until you have a mixture a little like dried breadcrumbs.

Add the beaten egg, double cream and enough milk to moisten.

Mix well until you have a soft and doughy mixture that is not too moist. Don't overwork the dough.

Roll into a ball and roll it out lightly on a lightly floured surface until it is about 1inch thick.

Cut out with a round cutter and place the rounds onto a non-stick baking tray.

Gather the off-cuts and carefully roll out again (you really want to make sure that you don't overwork the dough), cut and repeat until you have used up all the dough.

Brush the tops with the egg and milk glaze and bake for 15-20 minutes, until the tops are golden.


KennyT said...

Oh, may I have scone? I'll bring jam and clotted cream over. Happy New Year Sylvie!

James B said...

You cant beat a good homemade scone, strawberry jam and clotted cream mmm. Happy New Year!

Beth (jamandcream) said...

NY Day was beautiful here in Cornwall and I couldn't think of a better way to start it- how could I being Cornish!!!

pigpigscorner said...

with jam and clotted cream...yum! Happy new year!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Scones would be a great way to start my day!!!!

Susan@Holly Grove said...

Fresh scones with strawberry jam and a nice pot of tea - yummy!

KenziW said...

I just made some too. And I finally (finally!) got them to rise!

Lucy May Schofield said...

You're scones were as wonderful as your new years day company Sylvie. Thank you to the blue moon for both, Happy (all change) 2010. xx

Sylvie said...

Kenny, come on over.

JamesB, the perfect combination, I agree.

Beth, it was beautiful up North as well and the scones were much appreciated pre- and post our afternoon walk.

pigpigscorner, that's definitely the best way to have them.

Val, not bad for breakfast at all, but I do like to eat mine in the afternoon.

Kenzie, chocolate seems like an interesting addition.

Lucy, you just put a big smile on my face. Here's to an all change 2010!

Gloria Baker said...

Sylvie I love these scones, look absolutely yummy!!!
Have a nice and Happy New Year! gloria