Sunday 16 March 2008

Putting the World to Rights

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I'm not usually one for drinking in the afternoon, as it gets to about seven or eight in the evening and I'm ready for bed, but every now and then it seems like just the right thing to do. Sitting down with good friends, sharing a laugh and some drinks and just putting the world to rights. Yesterday was one of those days , some of my friends had planned a day out to Marsden, so of course I decided to join them.

The weather ended up being quite hideous though, so we didn't really have much of a choice but to go and find shelter inside various pubs and enjoy a few of the local ales (as if we really needed the weather as an excuse). Now I'm not that much of a beer or ale drinker, I'm more of a wine and G&T girl, but one of the beers that I have really come to like lately is Kriek or Frambozenbier. Kriek is a dark red, cherry flavoured beer and Frambozenbier is pretty much the same colour, but it tastes of raspberries. You might think that sounds very strange and not good at all, but I'd say give it a try. Most of the people I've introduced to it have liked it.


Unfortunately, by the time we had decided to have a meal in Marsden's Riverhead Brewery Tap ( a great pub and I've been told they do great food as well, if you're ever in the area) there was a waiting time of two hours for a table as we hadn't booked, so we just got on a train back home and went to the local Chinese restaurant. So, I was feed and watered (rather well I have to say) and tucked up in bed by ten last night after a really good day out.


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